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    The PACT ACT will be changing the way we do business very soon. Union Street Brands, creator of Mama's E-Liquids, is working relentlessly with our legal team to come up with solutions to the many problems our industry is currently facing. While there are uncertainties regarding these new regulations, we are doing all we can to ensure we stay compliant so we may continue serving you for years to come.


    Unfortunately, under the new requirements of the PACT ACT, starting March 27th at 2PM,  we will no longer be able to receive orders directly from the public. However, we will be working with select vapor shops throughout the nation. As a small manufacturer we do not have the resources required to comply with all of the new federal and state guidelines to continue selling directly to the public. 


    We are adding a store locator so you can find your favorite flavors in a retail stores near you. Please keep checking because this will be updating regularly!


    Considering this inevitable change, we recommend our customers stock-up NOW while supplies last. 



    We know many of you are concerned or even worried about the future of our industry. We would like to remind our friends and valued customers that our industry was founded on innovation and will innovate again. We are confident that long term solutions will be established. Thank you for your support over the years.