Information About Wholesale Customers

Mama's Kitchen E-Liquid Wholesale Customers

Mama's Kitchen E-Liquid makes it very easy to apply for and to get a wholesale account. 

At Mama's Kitchen E-Liquid, we manufacture all of our own premium e-liquids and we fully stock our warehouse. Mama's Kitchen E-Liquid focuses exclusively on high-quality products that are ready to ship at a moments notice.  

Businesses don't have to be frustrated with minimum order quantities, extra fees for shipping, large wire transfer sur-charges, exorbitant wait times, or long wait times for customer service.


If you are a vape shop and interested in setting up a wholesale account you must have a business license, a tax ID number, and a physical location.  


Click the link below and sign up for your account.  Email us with your business information including the following:

  • Must have a current business license
  • Have a Tax ID (EIN Number)
  • Have a physical address 

We will review your application and once approved, we will email you confirmation of your new account.

Once your business is verified as a wholesale customer, you will have access to our “wholesale" website.

Our pricing is competitive regardless of order size.

NOTE: ALL orders will be approved and verified before being shipped.

Call now to be connected with a real person regarding your new wholesale account toll-free or by email.